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Executive Protection Recruitment & More with guest Steve Albritton - Part 1

December 15, 2017

The executive protection industry isn’t one that has a clear path for those looking to get into it. In fact most people find themselves in the field almost by accident, usually after a career in the military or police.

In this episode we tap into the brain of one of the long-term players in the industry. Steve Albritton served in the military and state police in the USA before taking on a role as security manager for a high net worth individual, working out of Seattle, Washington.

Since leaving that role, Steve has established OPStructure, an industry consultancy taking on project work but focussing on executive protection recruitment and team building.

Episode Highlights:

  • Executive protection industry trends
  • Why preparation really is key
  • Steve compares the difference between travelling with a single client vs a client and their family as being similar to the difference between checkers and chess
  • As service culture makes the difference
  • You're only as good as your support network!






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